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The story of Zalto

13 februar , 2017 4 min read

With no further introduction we want you to see this:

This is when artisanship becomes art! In this article we want to give you a further introduction to the Zalto-universe. Where does Zalto come from? Who created the beautiful Zalto glasses? How did the world receive these innovative and yet traditional glasses? These are the questions we will search in this article.

The roots of Zalto

The Zalto-family has for six generations created and developed exclusive mouth-blown glasses. With the most skilled glass-blowers and the best raw materials Zalto has always strived for perfection. Interestingly, the Zalto-family has its roots in Venice, which has had a great and visible impact on the production and development of the Zalto-glass.

The Venetian DNA

Venice has since the Middle Ages been a crucial player in the development of the mouth-blown glass. With the growth of Venice as a trade center and the conquest of Constantinople in 1204 the Venetian glassmakers continued to invent new techniques to create unique artistic artisanship. In the 14th and 15th Century thousands of glassmakers were sent to the ”island of glass art” Murano, where a competitive and enthusiastic spirit enhanced the glassmaking. Here the Venetian traditions flourished, and they became specialized in fancy glasswares. Moreover it is here the crystalline glass has its origins. To understand Zalto it is important to understand, that this were the traditions the Zalto-family derives from, which they continued to develop in their settlement in Austria.

A new millennium, a new world of glasses

After nearly 200 years of perfectioning the glass-blowing techniques in the quiet, Zalto reaches its historical peak in 2006 with the presentation of the current collection Denk’Art. In the beginning of the new millennium Zalto wanted to invent something extraordinary, something new, something the world never had seen before. Zalto developed the collection in the years from 2001 to 2004 in close cooperation with the Austrian priest and wine expert Hans Denk.
Alongside his work as a priest Hans Denk has for over 30 years studied and tasted wines, and he is known as one of the most inspirational and valued wine experts in the world. Together with the best wine farmers in Austria, Denk was one of the main architects behind the new Zalto collection. Denk instructed the glassmakers in the creation of each bowl to evoke all the proper qualities in the glass suitable for the type of wine, the glass is made for.

The birth of a new jewel

The inspirational horizons went literally high in the making of the Zalto glasses, since Denk for many years has been inspired of the effects of the tilt angles of the Earth. The aim was to invent a glass with an unseen shape, allowing the aromas and the taste of the wine to flourish fully. Knowing that the first contact with the glass is with the eyes, the aesthetic expression was an essential element in the creation of the glasses. Thin, delicate and light as a feather were the stylistic criteria, that should provide the wine experience with elegance, finesse and a certain balance in the hand while drinking of the glasses. The unique architecture of the glasses has the beneficial effect, that the alcohol seeks the bottom of the glass and allow the aromas to be the dominating element. After over 5 years of development, the Zalto Denk’Art collection finally reached the market in 2006.

Zalto surprises, impresses and adores the world

With passion, perfection and hundreds of years of mouth-blowing traditions a new star was born. With complete honesty: We love Zalto! And we are not the only ones. The Zalto glasses quickly attracted the attention of the world’s leading wine specialists, and impressive superlatives adorned the new Zalto collection:

"Quite Possibly the Greatest Wine Glass We'll Ever Drink From" - Adam Rapoport, bon appétit

"Zalto glassware is a cut above" - Victoria Moore, The Telegraph LUXURY

The Zalto Denk'Art collection has taken the world with admiration and surprise. Not only praised and adored by wine experts around the world, Zalto won in 2009 one the most comprehensive and independent glass tests of the world's finest wine glassware. Stern magazine of Germany organized this testing by inviting all of the most important and influencing glassware producers in the world to nominate their finest glasses, and furthermore they joined the professional judging jury. Moreover a panel of the finest wine sommeliers and wine loving non-professionals were a part of the jury. Blindfolded and equipped with gloves the jury tasted 3 wines out of 10 different glasses. The result was definitely the true breakthrough for Zalto: Zalto won in all 3 categories: "Riesling" where Zalto White Wine Glass won, "Burgundy" where Zalto Burgundy Glass won, and "Bordeaux" where Zalto Bordeaux Glass won. A huge achievement for Zalto that since the very creation of the Zalto glasses strived for one thing: To be the best wine glass in the world.

Join a future of better taste – join a world of Zalto

The Zalto glasses stand after hundreds of years of development through proud Austrian and Venetian traditions as one of the best and most respected glass collections in the world. Zalto is art. Zalto is great taste. Zalto is a whole universe of perfection, elegance and indulgence. It is for you, where only the best is good enough. Zalto allows you to discover new tastes, more depth and more nuances.

At Zaltify we want to share this passion for the Zalto glasses, and we want to invite you into the world of complete wine experience. We want to make it as easy and simple as possible for you to join a world of luxury, exclusivity – a world of Zalto.

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